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Colorado Security Film and Safety Film

Strengthen security with window tinting

Security Windows with C-Bond Systems

C-Bond is the ONLY patent protected nanotechnology product that is scientifically tested and commercially proven to significantly increase the strength, safety and performance levels of glass and window film products.

As highly innovative, creative and forward – thinking glass strengthening and empowerment solution provider, we remain firmly committed to our primary mission of pushing the threshold of what is perceived as “possible” in the glass strengthening field and challenging the conventions related to:

  • Unlocking the full potential by making glass bulletproof
  • Transcending the Traditional Methods of glass proofing
  • Generating new ideas and strategies
  • Finding better & more effective solutions

By choosing to do business with us, you will be putting your company in safe hands by entrusting its development to the highest quality glass proofing provider that has an impeccable track record of empowering glasses to bulletproof quality.

Security Window Tinting

Shatter resistant security film or safety film is an optically clear, multi-layer, high tensile polyester film that bonds to the inside of the window to reinforce the glass. The security films we use provide exceptional blast and impact-resistant capabilities as well as reduce the risk associated with broken glass and air-borne debris. The film holds glass shards in place helping to avoid any major hazards and making the cleanup process safe and efficient. By applying shatter resistant security film or safety film to the windows in your home or business you can help protect your family and your company’s assets. Severe weather can also cause injuries and harm by broken glass from windows. Our selection of security film or safety film will give you added protection during severe weather such as high winds, severe hail storms, tornadoes, and much more. Security film or safety film on windows helps prevent flying glass fragments from harming you, your family, your employees or your property by helping holding the glass together. 50 Shades of Tint, in Denver has a wide selection of shatter resistant security films to meet your security and safety needs.

Our window films reject heat and keep interior temperatures stable

Window film costs a fraction of new glass, making it the most cost effective ways to reduce energy consumption

We can reduce cooling costs by up to 30%

Our films block more than 99% of harmful UV light associated with premature aging and skin cancer

We have a wide range of films to compliment your Denver window Tint home

Certain films can shield your interior views from outsiders, giving you and your family more privacy

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Other Amazing Features

50 Shades of Tint Offers The Best Installation & Coverage

Denver security safety window film
Help deter theft

Our security window films deter criminals from breaking and entering through a glass window or door. This is the added layer of security you didn’t know you needed. Protect your family or valuables from break-ins, vandalism, smash and grab crimes, and even bomb blasts.

Denver Security safety window film
Reinforced for ultimate protection

Don’t be a target for crime. Reinforce glass windows and doors to reduce your risk:

  • Protect people and property
  • Hold broken glass together
  • Tear-resistant performance
  • Avoid unsightly bars or barriers
Denver Security Safety window film
Strength against the strongest forces

Reduce the chance for injury and protect your assets with our security window films:

  • Lessen downtime and repairs
  • Prevent injury from glass shards
  • Reduce the impact of the blast

Security shouldn’t wait until you need it most. All of our films are independently tested to ensure the performance matches what we claim. Give us a call to set up your free Denver Window Tinting estimate.

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